New for 2007:  Here are some recently added services I'm sure you'll enjoy.
Please remember that hours are by appointment only.

Dream Analysis: There is so much to be learned from our dreams; its something I've studied since my
youth and I can help you understand what your dream is trying to tell you.  Describe your dream with as
much detail as you can recall along with the question you have about it and send it to me via e-mail; if you
prefer to send it via "snail mail",  please type.   
Cost is $40.00 per Dream. Allow 2-4 weeks for reply.

Family Circle: When a loved one dies the grief can be so overwhelming. In this small group session
family members are invited to connect with a loved one. Questions will be answered and you'll hear what
they are doing on the other side. You will feel the connection! Please bring photos of the person you'd like
to connect with and each person will receive a personal message from beyond.
This session is limited to 5 people at a time,
minimum of 3 people rqrd. to qualify for the discounted rate.
Cost per person: $50.00 (regularly $70 per person).
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 7 PM and select Saturdays are available.

What is in Store for your future?: Do you hope to find the love of your life? Are you going in the right
direction? What about your career? Do you want to make major changes but are afraid they won't work
out? This session is for you! You will receive a full body scan of your aura, messages from your Angels
and Spirit Guides and also a six month time line Tarot Card reading to help you sort things out. Book your
appointments early; this is going to be a popular session!
This can be done individually or as a group of 3-5.
Cost is $55.00 per person.
If you come in a group of 5 the cost is $50.00 per person.

Discover Your Past Lives: How many times have you wondered why you do the things you do? Why
are you afraid of snakes, heights, water, etc? Why do you love certain time periods or are drawn to
particular people? It could be all in your past! In this reading you'll have the past life that is most relevant in
your current life come through. This is an exciting and interesting reading.

Cost per person is $55.00 per person/
Book a Past Life Party of 3-5 people and the price is only $50.00 per person.

Talk to your Pets - Past and Present: To many of us, our pets are a major part of our families. They are
our "children". Losing a beloved animal is heart wrenching. Did you make the right decision, were they
happy with you, could you have done anything different? Where they in pain at the end? Will they be
waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge? Bring a photo of your pet who has passed on or if you are just
curious about your current "baby", this session is for you. Incredible information will surface from your
"child". If you are having issues with a pet right now, I can talk to them and find out what is going on in
their furry little minds. I work with many animal organizations and have helped hundreds of animals and
their families live in harmony. I've also seen a lot of hearts mended after finding out that their loving
companion is doing fine on the other side.  

Cost is $55.00 per pet ($60 for pet who has passed).

Curious about what your future holds but can't seem to get away from your
office or desk?  
Kelly to the rescue!

I now offering E-mail readings! Simply send me three questions and a check for $40.00 and your E-mail
address and within 2-3 weeks you'll receive your answers. I will "read" the signature on your check to tap
into your energies
(checks will not be cashed until you confirm that you received your reading).
Mail your questions and check to
Kelly's Magical Garden 43 Essex Rd Camp Hill PA 17011.

No need to leave your home, office or make a trip out in the snowy weather.
Great for out-of-towners or college students!
Cost is $40.00 for 3 questions.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for your reading to be completed
NOW AVAILABLE from Kelly Weaver and Spirit House Productions - Meditation CDs:
"Meet Your Angels" & "Discover Your Past Lives" and the first in a series of DVDs:
"Life After Life - Exploring Death & Spirit Communication" (DVD also includes a guided
meditation to assist in connecting with loved ones who have passed on)
Click here for details on CDs/DVDs

Please contact Kelly for ordering info. (Retailer/wholesaler enquiries also invited)