New from Kelly Weaver and Spirit House Productions - CDs & DVDs

MEDITATION CDs: Each CD will take you to a very special place in your
mind's eye. These meditations feature soothing background music and Kelly's
calming voice. You can listen to these meditations repeatedly to receive guidance
and answers to your current situations.  To order please call Kelly @ 717 737
7623 or send an e-mail to

Discover who you were in the past and how it
affects your current life in the Discover Your Past
Life meditation. You'll be transported to another
place and time. You may be surprised at who you
were and who you now know from that past
incarnation. Why do you do the things you do?
What phobias hold you back in your current life?
Listen to this interesting meditation over and over
and discover your past.  
Price: $12
LIFE AFTER LIFE - Exploring Death &
Spirit Communication DVD

This beautifully produced, touching DVD discusses
different aspects and customs of death and dying. You
will hear personal stories of loved ones who
communicated beyond the grave. Learn the different
ways deceased friends and family give us signs and
messages to let us know they are happy and content.
The DVD ends with a powerful meditation for you to
contact your loved ones on the other side.
This material is meant to help bring closure and
comfort to those who lost a loved one or who are just
curious about the spiritual world.  
Price: $15

You will meet your personal angels and
have time to ask questions and receive
answers. These spiritual helpers will
give you sage advice and guide you to a
healing, safe place for your body, mind
and spirit.
Price: $12
This is the first in a series of informative DVDs. Additional topics coming soon include:

Ghost Investigations with Kelly Weaver - Combining Intuitive
and Scientific Methods

Animal Communication