These original hand-blended oils are derived from all natural ingredients, and can be used as a perfume or to
anoint your candles and charms. Each blend is beautifully packaged in a cobalt blue bottle and is ready to use.
These oils will produce a magical experience for your body, mind and spirit. Feel the Power.

Your oils are available in the following sizes: 5 ml. - Starting at $5.00  10 ml. - Starting at $10.00
Sample Vial - $2.50 Each  Sample Pack Including Any 4 Oils - $9.50

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Angel Contact  A splendid blend of Orange Blossoms and Rose Geranium. You feel the angels come to your side. Some
say their face tingles. Others feel more at peace. My husband and I wear this daily. It makes you feel more protected and
safe. Aura photos were taken before and after the application of this special oil and the result was a large mass of bright
white light where there had been red energy just moments before!  #ang 10 ml- $10.00 5 ml- $5.00 sample size- $2.50

Spirit Guide This oil is absolutely fabulous. A special bouquet of magical oils. Your spirit guides can communicate with
you easier when you wear this blend. This contains Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense, Rosemary, Rosewood, and
Lemon. Your energy changes in minutes. Aura photos were taken before and after I put on this oil, and you can clearly
see my three guides ( balls of light) above my head, where there had been a mass of yellow light a few seconds ago.
Everyone who sees these photos are convinced of the oils powers. #spi Available in 10 ml Only - $12.00 each

Healing Spirit This oil doesn't stay on the shelves long! A powerful combination of Lavender, Clary Sage and Cypress.
Lavender promotes happiness and love, Clary Sage brings you euphoria, the courage to move forward, and Cypress gives
you the comfort and the healing necessary to think more positively. Great oil to ward off negativity. Smells Great! An
aphrodisiac as well!  #hea 10ml- $12.00 5ml- $6.00 sample size- $3.00

Comfort  I cannot say enough on how this oil helps with depression and grief. Cypress has been used throughout time for
sadness and grief. A few drops will help to comfort you and get you to a "better place" in your mind. Highly
recommended by those experiencing loss. #com 10ml- $12.00 5ml- $6.00 Sample size- $2.50

#1 - Isis - The soft scent of Ylang- Ylang brings you the sense of peace and love. This is a baby powder scent. Also use this
oil for its aphrodisiac qualities. 10ml-$12.00 5 ml- $6.00 Sample Size $2.50

#2 - Softly Sensual - The romantic scent of Lavender mixed with the aphrodisiac Clary Sage makes this a powerful
blend. Watch out when wearing this! You'll turn heads for sure. 10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 Sample Size $2.50

#3 - Aphrodite - Wear this oil when you want to attract romance into your life. Ylang-Ylang is touched by Lavender in
this soft and quiet delight. 10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 Sample Size $2.50
#4 - Chill - Calms you down when you experience panic attacks and nervousness. A relaxing blend of Frankincense,
Marjoram and Lavender. 10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample size $2.50

#5 - Quiet Time - The light scent of Lavender is wonderful for meditation and quieting the chatter from your mind.
10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample size $2.50

#6 - Utopia - This will make you very peaceful and relaxed. An out of this world blend of Ylang-Ylang, Cedarwood &
Orange Blossoms. Zone Out! 10ml- $12 00 5ml- $6.00 sample size- $2.50

#7 - Happy Days - Wear this oil when you are feeling down in the dumps. Revives you with the euphoric Clary Sage,
Lemon Grass & Orange Blossoms. You'll be smiling in no time!  10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample size $2.50

#8 - Fearless - Do you need extra confidence? This is the oil for you. A blend of Cedarwood and Orange Blossoms.  10ml-
$10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample size $2.50

#9 - Anger Release - This powerful oil helps you deal with anger on many levels. Chamomile and Lavender are mixed
with a bit of Lemon. 10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample size $2.50

#10 - Sweet Dreams - The soft aroma of Lavender and Chamomile will help you drift off to sleep and protect you from
bad dreams. 10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample $2.50

#11 - Queen of the Water - Wear for stress relief and comfort. This has Orange Blossoms, Peppermint and Lemon Grass.
10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample $2.50

#12 - Professor’s Blend - Do you get stressed out trying to remember things or does someone you know have a hard
time concentrating or studying? This great combination of Rosemary , Basil and Lemon Grass goes back to the ancient
times. You'll enhance your memory and concentration.  10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample $2.50

#pb - Pet Blessing - Who doesn’t want the best for their beloved animals? Place a few drops of this specially
formulated oil on your companions daily for health and positive energy. This oil contains Fir Needle and Peppermint.
Makes them smell good too! (This product was developed with the assistance of my own canine and feline 'kids')
10ml- $10.00 5ml- $5.00 Sample Size $2.50

PLEASE NOTE: Kelly is a skilled Animal Communicator. She offers her services and conducts workshops on this

#13 - Self Confidence - Wear when you need an extra boost to your self esteem. Contains Orange Blossom, Lemon Grass
and Clary Sage. 10ml-$10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample size- $2.50

#14 - Courage - The mighty herb Thyme is mixed with Lemon Grass to bring you strength and courage. 10ml-$10.00
5ml- $5.00 sample $2.50

#15 - Healing Earth - This oil promotes healing on all levels of your body, mind and spirit. Good when you are having a
lot of change. Made with Cypress, Patchouli, and Clary Sage. 10ml-$10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample $2.50

#16 - Creativity - Euphoric Clary Sage brings vivid dreams and is VERY POWERFUL in transforming thoughts into
being. 10ml-$10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample size - $2.50

#17 - Fearless - Wear when you need an extra boost of confidence and courage for performance stress. Good for athletes
and performers. A blend of Cedarwood & Orange Blossoms. 10ml-$10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample $2.50

#18 - Personal Protection - Rose Geranium and Peppermint are combined to protect you from unwanted energies. Great
to wear around negative people and situations. 10ml-$10.00 5ml- $5.00 sample $2.50

#19 - Divination - Wear before using your Crystals, Rune Stones, Tarot Cards or working with your dreams. Many
Intuitive people love this oil, which has received rave reviews! With Lemon Grass& Clary Sage. 10ml-$12.00 5ml- $6.00
sample size- $3.00

#20 - Grounding - Feeling fuzzy or spacey? This oil is made to get you back to earth. A luscious blend of Patchouli and
Cypress. 10ml-$12.00 5ml- $6.00 sample size- $3.00

#21 - Quick Cash - I swear by this oil! I can tell when I don't wear it! Look for money to appear to you in many different
ways. Savings, Trade-outs, unforeseen luck where money is concerned. Made with Orange Blossoms, Cypress and
Patchouli. 10ml-$12.00 5ml- $6.00 sample size- $3.00

#22 - Business Success - This combination works like a charm. Put a little in your cash register to attract business, or
wear when you need business success fast! With Basil and Orange Blossoms. 10ml-$12.00 5ml- $6.00 sample size- $3.00

#23 - Good Luck - Chamomile has long been known to bring good luck. Wear on your next casino trip, or just when you
need good luck and positive energies on your side. 10ml-$12.00 5ml- $6.00 sample $3.00

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