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Kelly Weaver, a Certified Aromatherapist, Psychic-Medium and devotee of Metaphysics
offers a variety of products and services that can enrich your mind body and spirit. Kelly
combines her own Magical Energy and knowledge of Aromatherapy to bring a truly unique
selection of Hand-Made products: Oils, Herbal Charms & other items to assist you in your
Spiritual Quest.  Kelly is available for lectures and seminars - contact her for details.

Her Intuitive Readings are a pleasant and personal way to discover new things about
yourself. Angel/Spirit Guide, Tarot or ADC (After Death Communication) Readings are
available. See
"INTUITIVE SERVICES" for More Details. Along with her Magical
Aromatherapy line, Kelly offers Aromatherapy products designed to help the body heal
naturally - Oils, Bath Items, Sprays, Facial items and Eye Pillows are available. Her Arthritis
Oil and Headache Oil have gained an immense following
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Kelly Weaver has a lifetime of experience with the paranormal and is
known nationally as an Investigator of Hauntings.  She is a regional
rep for the AGS - American Ghost Society, and the founder (in 1996) of
Spirit Society of PA (Formerly Capital Ghost Forum),
one of PA's oldest paranormal organizations.
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Whispers in the Attic is available for $10.95, plus postage & tax (where
applicable)  Call for total prior to sending check 717-737-7623
Also available at:
Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop, Civil War and More,
Mechanicsburg, PA  and at Amazon.com
Most products offered by Kelly's Magical Garden are found on this
site. Click on the catalog image at right to download a .pdf version of
Kelly's Complete Product Catalog.
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(Printed catalogs available for $1 to cover postage/hdlg.)
Products & Services Offered Include:
· Magical Aromatherapy Oils
· Aromatherapy Oils for Healing
· Herbal Charms
· After Death Communication (ADC)
· Spirit Guide and Angel Readings
· Aromatherapy Facial & Bath Items
· Aromatherapy Sprays for Body & Environment
Unique Products & Services for your Spiritual Quest
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above to download
a complete catalog
(.pdf file)
"Kelly Weaver's book on the sensitive side of ghost hunting, and what it's really
like to be in touch with the spirit world, is a breath of fresh air when it comes to
books from those who claim to be psychic. I rarely ever make a comment like this
one - but Kelly is the real thing and if you doubt that, you won't after reading her
new book. Her approach to testing her own gifts and abilities is one that should
be carried out whenever working with sensitives for she is unafraid to put herself
on the line for her work. This is a must-read book for anyone who has an interest
in psychic phenomena, ghost hunting or with a desire to better understand the
mysterious world that we live in."
- Troy Taylor, Author/Founder,  American Ghost Society
Read this "Can't put it
down" story of Kelly's
experiences with the
"Other Side"
Thank you for visiting my Magical Garden! - Kelly
Update 11/10/14: Orders for aromatherapy
products w
ill continue to be filled; My medical
hiatus will continue until Jan 19, 2015.
At that
time my intuitive services will resume but focus
on Animal Communication. - Thanks, Kelly
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